Configuring Thinkpad X230 keys in i3

So you’ve just started to use the i3 window manager but can’t get your Thinkpad multimedia keys to function properly? Here is how: Open your i3 config file in your favourite text editor code ~/.config/i3/config. First of all, lets configure the XF86Launch1 button. I like to have it configured to pop up a terminal when pressed.

bindsym XF86Launch1 exec gnome-terminal

Next the volume and mute buttons.

# Pulse Audio controls
# +/- sound volume
bindsym XF86AudioRaiseVolume exec --no-startup-id pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 +10% 
bindsym XF86AudioLowerVolume exec --no-startup-id pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 -10%
# mute volume 
bindsym XF86AudioMute exec --no-startup-id pactl set-sink-mute 0 toggle 
# mute mic          
bindsym XF86AudioMicMute exec pactl set-source-mute 1 toggle                     

Extra: Not a special Thinkpad button, but to get PrtSc (print screen) to work add the following:

bindsym Print exec gnome-screenshot -i 
· i3